My New Blog


Welcome to my blog!!! I finally decided to enter the world of commenting on three of my favorite things: NCAA Basketball, Baseball, and the Weather 🙂

What better way to begin my blog than with my first post, the run Florida Gulf Coast just had. So many people are glued to their TVs this month. March Madness is the perfect time where warmer weather is near, you can root for your bracket pools, get to relive the days rooting for your Alma Mater, and get a story that Hollywood writers can only imagine scripting.

Two weeks ago most of America did not know Florida Gulf Coast existed. Now due to their great run to the Sweet 16, they are a household name. Even though their run ended with a great Florida team, they should not hold their heads down for long. It is exactly the real reason why we watch sports.

To align all of our loves in life all into one. This is why March Madness starts the best time of the year!


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