Opening Day is the best day of the year!!

Opening Day is the best day of the year!!

Finally…. the big day is here. For many of its fans its a National Holiday…. Opening Day!!!

Few other starts of the season in sports compare:

It’s the day where 30 teams are all optimistic that they can win the World Series.

Where we can put away the cold months behind us and start thinking warm thoughts.

Where the days are longer and the sunshine is stronger.

Where the sky is the crisp blue that we remember as a kid.

Where you hear the crack of the bats and the crack/smell of peanut throughout the air.

Where memories of your childhood rush back to you like it was yesterday.

Among those things about Opening Day, I will always remember and cherish the bond I had with my Grandfather.

One day being the curious kid I was I notice he always had his radio listening to a game and TV watching another one. I asked him what he was doing and he explained some of the game to me and I was hooked for life.

It was one of his favorite loves that always made him at peace with life. And every time I go to a game his spirit is with me. The older I get the more baseball is relaxation in my life. It gives me joy and peace.

No other sport can compare to this day.

Over the next several months please keep a lookout for me to give you some tips on how to enjoy the game better. Most people say baseball is boring to watch. I argue that people who say that don’t understand the game.

Once you begin to see and know all the nuances and strategy behind the game, I guarantee you that you will grow to appreciate the game more.

And one final thing. Here is a clip from the best baseball broadcaster of our time Vin Scully on what the meaning of Opening Day is. That part starts at about 1:40 into the clip. Enjoy and cherish this baseball season! Cheers!!


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