Roger Ebert 1942-2013

Chicago lost one of its great treasures yesterday when Roger Ebert passed away. I was in the process of organizing tickets that I have to upcoming baseball games in the next two weeks when I saw the breaking news sometime after 2:30 pm that Roger Ebert has left us.

It was Tuesday when he posted his latest blog updating us that his cancer returned and that he would have to reduce his schedule only seeing the films he wanted to see. (The blog has been unavailable several times because of high traffic but definitely take a look). You would never have thought from this blog that two days later he would no longer be with us. 😦

I never knew or met Roger in person, however reading about all of the circumstances he had to face in the last decade, he always had the attitude that it would not take over his mind, his spirit or his joy. For someone who had cancer, he made the decision to not let it take control of his life and it definitely puts things in life in perspective.

So while Chicago is a little bit sadder today and the world mourns with us his passing, we will soon reflect on the great things he has brought us. His love of films and cinema, the strength of will, his excellent writing skills, his unbelievable courage, and the desire to live every day to its fullest.

Below are a couple of links that could not help but wipe a few tears from my eyes. Somewhere up in heaven, Gene Siskel is probably welcoming him and saving a seat for him in the balcony as they catch up and debate all the things they have missed talking about.

You both are absolute treasures to the city of Chicago and will be sorely missed……

Chaz Ebert’s beautiful article on Roger’s passing. (Will be hard not to shed a few tears reading.)

Chicago Tribune’s Editorial Piece: The picture says it all…,0,2808944.story

Roger’s Tribute to Gene Siskel

Part 1:

Part 2:–TRgo

Part 3:


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