The first week does not make a baseball season

So the first week of the Major League season is now complete. And I am sure some Brewers fans are saying everything about how bad this team is and how they suck and won’t go anywhere.

These are not true baseball fans. Only 6 of 162 games are complete. No team ever wins a World Series in the first week. For example last year’s champion Giants started the season 1-4 and their fourth loss was a 17-8 blowout. They lost yesterday 14-3 with 2012 Perfect game pitcher Matt Cain giving up 9 earned runs. They really do suck huh?

2011 NL Division Champion Brewers? They lost their first four games!

What you can take away from the first week is trends. Here is the following good and bad to take away from the Brewers this week:

1) Jon Axford: He has given up a Home Run every single time he has pitched competing with Carlos Marmol for the “dog closer of the year award.” Ron Roenicke claims he is still the closer (since they don’t have many options) however the leash should be as tight as the Cubs have had with Marmol. Marmol as of Sunday has lost his job. Axford better be next. Not much margin for error. His velocity is down which makes me think either it is all mental or he is hiding an injury.

2) 6 innings. Only 2 starters have pitched 6 innings this year. I realize it is the first week and you might want to keep your starters to a pitch count however that better not be a trend. If that continues the bullpen will be tired by early summer.

3) 13 pitchers. Carrying 13 pitchers and 12 position with only 3 bench players is a risk. You did not know what you would get with Kyle Loshe since he missed most of spring training, however he looked very good on Friday. That lack of position players killed the Brewers when they ran out Sunday in the extra inning loss to the Diamondbacks.

4) Injuries. They happen in baseball. However this week the only projected infield starter who did not get injured is Rickie Weeks. When you have Alex Gonzalez playing first base and third base for the first time in his career all in the same week, that is cause for concern. Ramirez is on the DL and let’s hope Segura being taken out was just precautionary yesterday (he is day to day with a leg bruise). Braun is also out with a freak stiff neck injury and day to day. I do like the way the team kept fighting yesterday.

5) Catchers. Brewers have to have one of the best 1-2 catching tandems in the Majors. The fact that the infield is a mess right now and to be able to move Maldonado to first and bring in Lucroy later and continue with quality hitting and good defense is a awesome thing!

Lucroy’s game tying hit

6) Norichika Aoki. What a pleasure to be able to have Aoki on this team. He has not lost a beat from last season, puts quality at bats in the lead off position and has good defense. He had a 4 for 6 game yesterday, scoring three times and driving in three runs to keep them in the game. With all of the injuries someone has to step up and he definitely has.

7) Rickie Weeks. People need to lay off this guy due to his history. Yes he is not your typical #2 hitter however he had a great week. All he did was bat .333, with 8 hits, 3 walks, and the biggest surprise, has an on base percentage of .429. So what that he probably won’t bunt a man over into scoring position, that is not his game. He is a doing a fine job and once the lineup returns to normal hope his good play continues.

Side note: I am really loving these gold jerseys the Brewers wore on Sunday. I already have the retro home and alternate home blue. Might have to look into that. Hopefully it is their Sunday best home jersey and it continues.


Remember it is a long season. We will see how this team is record wise when the calendar turns to May. Onto Miller Park South 🙂 (Wrigley).



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