Which Major Sport has the best fights??

Now I am not one to condone fighting in sports, however watching the big brawl between the Padres and Dodgers made for great water cooler talk this week. Especially when the following happened:

1) Carlos Quentin showed how little he knows about the sport of baseball thinking he was hit on purpose on a full count in a 2-1 game.

2) Zach Grienke thinking he could take a blow from a former football player charging at him which caused his collerbone to fracture.

Seeing this fight in only week two of the baseball season, I started thinking, which major sport has the best fights:

4) NBA

Well NBA is last in my book cause the ones who take the cheap shots always run away from the fracus. And they turn comical as in the famous one where Jeff Van Gundy is hanging on Alonzo Mourning’s leg

3) NFL

NFL is third. When you are wearing all that equipment on you, the best you can do is push and shove each other. Sure there are great fights when the ball is fumbled but that never turns into a highlight.

2) MLB

And its a close 2nd. Sometimes a team could be scuffling in a baseball season and believe it or not, a good old fashion brawl can bring them together. They are also among the most interesting since when you think it could be over, there is another scuffle going on in addition to the main one.

Here is the fight last week in San Diego as only the best Vin Scully can call it! If you have time listen to the entire play-by-play. It is why he is the best!!


1) NHL

I am not a huge hockey fan perse, but this sport is the best when it comes to settling your differences and leaving it on the field of play. No other sport minus baseball allows the players to a degree freedom to settle the score before breaking it up. Below are two of my favorites from the last couple of years!

This is always a classic! A fight to start the hockey game last season.

Which sport do you feel has the best fights?


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