Memo to the Manager

So we are 6 weeks give or take into the baseball season. If you can figure out the Milwaukee Brewers, then more power to you. I can’t figure this team out. Are they as bad as the 2-8 start and the 2 wins so far in May?

Or are they as good as the 9 game winning streak to close out April.

Below are my suggestions to Ron Roenicke for improving this ball club to be more consistent:


1. Give Rickie Weeks day(s) off.

I have no clue what is wrong with Rickie Weeks. He may not admit it but it is all in his head and he is pressing way too much. He is currently batting .100 on the current Brewers road trip, is batting .181 with a .302 on base percentage. He has consistently killed potential rallies and right now I have more confidence that the pitcher has a better chance of getting a hit than he does.

I am so glad Roenicke benched Weeks on Monday night. The Brewers looked more upbeat, played small ball, and looked better overall in their 5-1 victory. I would bench him for a few days. He is on record for saying he expects to play everyday and with Aramis Ramirez returning, you can insert Yunie B. to play 2nd and Alex Gonzalez to play 1st. Gonzalez looks to be coming around faster than Weeks. You are not managing to make players feel happy, you are managing to win ball games.

2. Have a meeting with the pitching coach and the starters.

The starting pitching can’t keep going only 4-5 innings. The bullpen is doing fine but at the current rate they are having to cover innings, they will be tired by July. This could be partially why Tom Gorzelanny went on the DL with left shoulder tendinitis. Yovani Gallardo is a good pitcher however he can’t be at 100+ pitches in only 4 innings. His main achillies heel has been not being effective with his pitches resulting in high pitch counts. Marco Estrada pitched great on Monday with 7 innings and only giving up 1 run on 3 hits and more importantly 1 walk! I hope this trend continues.

3. Move Carlos Gomez up in the lineup.

Carlos Gomez

He has really come into his own and this time it might be for real. Gomez is 2nd in the NL in hitting (#1 I will get to shortly) with a .367 average, .409 on base percentage, .633 slugging percentage, and 6 home runs, 17 RBI’s and 8 stolen bases. Since Lucroy has been inconsistent, I would not mind moving Gomez 5th behind Ramirez until Corey Hart returns. He has earned it. Also check out this article that St. Paul Pioneer Press borrowed from the Brewers Journal Sentinel beat writer Tom Haudricourt about Carlos Gomez. Think the Twins regret trading him?

Carlos Gomez: Former Twin’s contract looking wise now for Brewers

4. Leave Jean Segura as the #2 hitter.


Jean Segura gets NL Player of the Week Honors

In five games last week, Segura hit an NL-best .500 over 20 at-bats while leading the league in slugging percentage (.950) and on-base percentage (.545).

Nuff said. I hope Brewers fans and fans all over the country vote Segura into the All-Star game. He deserves it!

# 1 in hitting with a .368 batting average

#3 in on base percentage .412

#5 in slugging percentage .588

#1 with 13 stolen bases

Not only that his defense has been stellar. If you have a chance and live out of state like me, take a listen to some of the Brewers opponents broadcasts on MLB.TV or the MLB Extra Innings broadcasts . Everyone from the great Vin Scully(Dodgers broadcasts), to Dick Enberg (Padres broadcasts), and Thom Brennaman (Reds broadcasts) have spent extensive time talking about how good Segura already is and how he will be great in the future. This may turn out to be one of the best Brewers trades in recent memory and he has not played a full season yet!

If Aoki gets going (which looks like he might after Monday’s game), and you have Segura playing out of his mind at #2 then once Corey Hart gets back this could be a lineup nobody in the NL or the select few AL teams the Brewers play this year will want to face. Just the thought of it sounds fun:

1 Aoki RF

2 Segura SS

3 Braun LF

4 Ramirez 3B

5 Hart 1B

6 Gomez CF

7 Lucroy C

8 Weeks/Yunie B 2B

9 Pitcher

With these suggestions and some better overall play, here is hoping that the Brewers play much better as the temperature gets warmer. The upcoming series this weekend against the first place Cardinals (May 17-19) will prove to be another early season litmus test to see how good this team can be. Until then, let’s continue to own the Pirates!


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