Please do me a favor and watch the REAL playoff series

Well another sunny June morning is upon us in the city of big shoulders. Almost everyone in the city of Chicago is dragging today. That is because many of them witnessed one of the best sports finals games in recent history: The Blackhawks beating the Bruins in game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

The game started a little after 7 PM. After Boston jumping out to a 2-0 lead and even falling as much as 3-1 in the 3rd period, the Blackhawks digged deep down like they have all season to tie the game and send it into another overtime. Nobody thought it would take 3 OTs as the clock struck midnight for this to happen:

Andrew Shaw wins it in 3 OT

I am not a big hockey fan. Many people who know me should know the sport I love is baseball and will always be baseball (will write another post soon on Puig mania hitting the country). As crazy as it sounds right before the last goal, there was a shot that almost went in, I reacted and this is the aftermath of my watch this morning:


It still works. I don’t think I will fix it until these Stanley Cup Finals are over.

And what about Corey Crawford. Save after save after save after save. I know Shaw will get the hero award for winning the game, but Crawford at times kept them in the game and was the hero. Even when you thought he let a goal slip by him, it somehow just missed.

Crawford in OT

Crawford in 2OT

Now here is my challenge to you: There is another league that has a finals series going on. Do me a favor and don’t watch it. Instead watch the NHL Stanley Cup. Here are my reasons why:

– Original six members

– Two of the best sports cities in the country

– Players who leave it all on the floor and not “act” like they want to win, they show it!

In my opinion, most people are only watching the NBA to root against the player David Stern tries to shove down our throats as the “face” of the league. Even Lebron can be called out for dogging it the last game (Game 3). Nobody outside of San Antonio cares about the Spurs winning except people who hate Lebron and everything about Miami.

The only ones who care about the Heat winning outside of Miami are bandwagon fans who think it is trendy to be a fan of the Heat. That is not competition. That is more like voting for a talent show. And when this finals end, they have the putrid Miami Marlins to look forward to (and continue to pay taxes for where they play).

In a little over 24 hours, we saw how boring one league finals can be and how exciting another league’s finals can be. Again, I am not a hockey fan, however I know great sports play when I see it and the NBA does not even begin to touch the level of excitement last night’s game 1 was. That is the kind of game that makes a league popular overnight.

Game 2 of the Stanley Cup is Saturday at 7 PM. We all have a chance to breath for a few days and rest up. I will be watching and hope you will too.

Don’t believe me how great game 1 was, here is what others are saying:

Yahoo Sports Article–blackhawks-outlast-bruins-in-bruising–breathless-triple-overtime-game-1-masterpiece-074656579.html

CBS Sports Article



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