Puig Mania!!!!


A fellow NL team who is not playing anywhere close to the level of expectations is the LA Dodgers. They currently sit in last place at with an identical record as the Brewers at 30-42.

At least the Brewers don’t have the insane payroll that the Dodgers do.

Still this month has been exciting for one of the players the Dodgers brought up from their farm system. In a nightmare season, you always have to look for some positives and Yasiel Puig is one.

In just 16 games, he has shown all the talent of a 5 tool player. The man has speed, power, and defense.

As of Saturday June 22, in 66 at bats, he is batting .455 with 30 hits, 3 doubles, 6 HR’s, and 12 RBI’s. His OBP (on base percentage) is an incredible .478 and .773 slugging percentage leads the team. Have a debut will ya!!

Here is a Bleacher Report of the most startling statistics from Puig’s first 16 games.

Puig Statistics

Puig already has gotten NL player of the week honors on June 10th. I will just let the great Vin Scully show you why:

Puig’s 1st HR 6/4/13

Puig’s 2nd HR in same game

Puig’s 1st career grand slam leaves Vin Scully speechless 6/6/13

6/7/13 Puig’s HR to tie the game


If the great Vin Scully can get excited about Puig, I can too. This is what is so great about baseball. Every year there is always a player that comes out and catches you by surprise and takes the country by storm. At only 22, his future is bright.

Something tells me you will be hearing a lot more of the name Yasiel Puig in the future!



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