Carlos Gomez for MVP?

I realize it has been awhile since I posted (this summer actually). Honestly how can you blame me? It has been an awful Brewers season. However there are some bright pieces that this team can work with going forward. I will mention those as I do my official Brewers wrap up after the season ends.

In the meantime I ran across an article from Benjamin Hoffman of the New York Times. It was interesting that he wrote how out of all people Carlos Gomez should get votes for MVP. Will he win it? Probably not as Andrew McCutchen of the Pirates or (hate to say it) Yaider Molina of the Cardinals are more well deserving.

However he does write a very good argument and it is great to see that Gomez is getting some attention. He is quite possible the best defensive CF in not only the NL but arguably all of baseball. This is a great read.

In Race for N.L. M.V.P., Gomez Deserves Votes

Ad if you don’t believe me what I said about Gomez. Watch this. And this was the same team but not the same game!


July 10th



September 15th



GM Doug Melvin may be criticized for not making good moves, however extending Gomez was brilliant!! The Brewers may have had a bad year but they are not far away from contending again when you have the core of Catcher, Shortstop, and Centerfield (Lucroy, Sergura, and Gomez) locked up for awhile.

Plus by the way he has handled himself and still finds ways to have fun and acknowledges when his younger teammates do a great job, he is quickly learning how to become a leader in the clubhouse! I have criticized him in the past, however this year he has been a shining star in a otherwise lackluster Brewers season.



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