October Postseason is here!!!!!

Here we are. October 1st. As the we say goodbye to summer and transition to fall, there is nothing better than the baseball postseason. Games get intense. You hang on the edge of your seat. Every pitch and at-bat is magnified. There isn’t any better drama in my opinion (NHL is quickly becoming a close 2nd).

In 2011 when the Brewers won game 5 of the NLDS, it will go down as one of the best memories in Brewers history. To win a tie game in extra innings on a walk off in the playoffs is an amazing feeling. Now my Brewers are not in this year’s postseason, but it does not mean the excitement ends.


Earlier in July, I did a 2nd half preview. Let’s see how I did.

NL 2nd Half Preview

AL 2nd Half Preview

My playoff picks                                                                   Actual teams                                                                           

American League

Division Winners: Tampa Bay, Cleveland, Oakland        Boston, Detroit, Oakland

Wild Cards: Boston, Detroit                                                Tampa Bay, Cleveland

National League

Division Winners: Washington, Pittsburgh, LA                Atlanta, St. Louis, LA

Wild Cards: St. Louis, Atlanta                                              Pittsburgh, Cincy

May have not gotten the right teams in the right spot, however I was pretty accurate minus picking Washington to make the playoffs.

For my division picks, look for Pittsburgh to hold off the Reds. I think out of all the teams who made the playoffs, the Reds appear to be the weakest. Why you ask? They lost 8 of the last 15 contest to a bad Brewers team. Nuff said.

Also look for Cleveland to edge off Tampa Bay since they had a game rest and will not be facing David Price since he pitched last night. I believed in Terry Francona mid season, and he has the Tribe believing in themselves.

This postseason looks very intriguing. New teams like the Pirates, Dodgers, and Indians. We also  have teams we have grown to see consistently like the Tigers, Cardinals, and happy to say Athletics!

Also for the first time in recent memory we do not have any New York or Chicago teams in the postseason. There is a balance of small and large market teams all in the postseason which shows how evenly competitive baseball is (NBA are you taking notes and paying attention?)

Look out for my Division Series preview late Wednesday after the AL Wild Card finishes.

Let the postseason begin!!!





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