NLCS Preview

Coming off a great division series, if you check my preview, I was exactly right about the National League. The Dodgers won in 4 and the Cardinals won in 5.

The Braves get to spend the winter thinking about how they need to stop being petty. Many fans are beginning to hate them for acting like the etiquette police, especially when they don’t use proper etiquette themselves. If you disagree with me check out how they treated a Braves legend and future hall of fame player for expressing his opinion. Grow up Atlanta!!

Braves have mascot catch first pitch for Chipper Jones because he was giving an honest prediction

Also the Pirates picked the wrong time to play like the Pirates of old before 2011. The chances the Pirates did have to make some noise against a dominant Adam Wainwright, they twice got doubled off to end the inning. Additionally, late in the game they made some poor mistakes to allow the score to get away from them. Saying that, they should be commended for fighting to a 5th game and this will only make them better in the long run.

Now we have the National League Championship Series starting on Friday. The big story in the series is as simple as Greinke and Kershaw.


The Cardinals must win a combination of 2 games vs either of these two in order to win the series as Zack Greinke and Clayton Kershaw are setup to pitch games 1-2 and possibly as late as games 5-6- or 7 (not by accident). If they win only 1 game, it will not be impossible, just more difficult. Now if they don’t win any games, then the Dodgers will be in the World Series.

It is that simple. The Cardinals though I feel will be much stronger after facing a tough Pittsburgh club. The Dodgers have the “magic” factor at Chavez Ravine.

This series is very even and don’t let the well known stars on the Dodgers mislead you.  The Cardinals have many quality players and pitchers who are not household names yet. I know I sound like a broken record but in the end, home field wins out. When the Cardinals have their backs to their wall, time and time again their best comes out. And also David Freese may be the X-Factor as we may need to get Reggie Jackson on speed dial to inform him that he wants to share his title of Mr. October. Freese has had a very poor hitting season, but if that line shot home run was any indication, he may be getting hot at the right time again.

Cardinals in 7



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