ALCS Preview

So if you see my division series preview, you will notice how I was wrong about Boston and Detroit making it here. I went on a limb regarding Tampa Bay since they proved me wrong twice before.

Oakland I still feel was the better team. They showed once again they have trouble finishing off a series no matter how talented they are.

Now Detroit and Boston are here. Detroit’s offense finally started to come around however in game 5 of the Oakland series, they still managed 3 runs which is a low number. Justin Verlander pitched like an ace does coming within several outs of a no hitter. The negative to this is, at the earliest he won’t be available until about game 4.


I also still worry about Detroit’s bullpen. They don’t have a quality guy at the end that screams “game over.”

Then there is the question on Matt Scherzer. Because he was used in relief for game 4, how soon can be be ready to start? They might need him ready for Game 2 if they want to be competitive.

For Boston, these team can beat you several ways as their previous series against the Rays showed. Their offense is really coming together and they constantly put pressure on the pitcher causing their pitch count to go high. Also David Ortiz looks like he is 10 years younger and loving every minute of the playoffs this year.


Good for him. He is the heart and soul of this Boston team past and present.

Overall Detroit edges Boston in pitching while Boston wins in offense. The X-factor is can Detroit be able to score runs to keep this series competitive? Also they have to do everything possible to keep Miguel Cabrera healthy. Any setback and the Tigers have no chance to win this series.

Still basing the play of these teams on the playoffs only, I give a slight edge to the Red Sox.

Red Sox in 6.


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