Polar Vortex and Winter 2013-2014 is becoming a bad 80s Horror Movie


First we had Polar Vortex Part 1 on January 6th. Temps below zero for several hours. It warmed up slightly. We thought that was over.

Then Polar Vortex Part 2: The Sequel came to us late last Tuesday (January 21st) and into Wednesday. It did not have much of a bite as the last one. Still this is getting old quick.

And now we have Polar Vortex Part III: Here would be the trailer for it if it was a bad 80s horror movie. Just sub Old Man Winter for Jason Vorhees.

“First you thought Polar Vortex Part 1 was bad. Then the sequel came out. If you thought the sequel did not have much bite, well it is back for another round.

Polar Vortex Part III: Worse than the first. Same Bitter chill… A lot less feeling for your limbs.”

And if you don’t believe me that this winter has been like living Groundhog’s Day, check out these stats for my hometown Milwaukee and Chicago.

Milwaukee winter most sub-zero days in 20 years

From Chicago Tribune Weather Page

And if you can believe it, there is a chance of snow as far south as the gulf coast! Even New Orleans has a winter storm watch!

New Orleans Winter Storm Watch

March 31st and Opening Day can’t come soon enough!



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