Crazy Eights!!!

Dayton, Florida, Wisconsin, Arizona, Connecticut, Michigan State, Kentucky, Michigan = The Elite Eight.


If you claim you picked all those teams before March 20th to be in your final bracket, I hate to say it, but you probably are lying!

As of Friday night according to ESPN, only 8 (yes ironic isn’t it) people out of over 11 million picked those 8 teams correctly.

I believe you probably have a higher chance to be hit by a car, struck by lightning, or maybe even win the huge jackpot in the lottery. Maybe that is going to far…


Well we will have a new champion and Louisville gave the game away to their inter-state rival Kentucky. Anytime you get rivals meeting for a chance to the Sweet 16, it is going to be a war and that was exactly what it was. Louisville could not beat them earlier in the year (December 28) and could not beat them Friday night.

Kentucky (the preseason favorite as #1 in the country) has now beaten the undefeated team in the country (Wichita State) and the defending champions (Louisville). Is Michigan is next?  This is the most dangerous team left.



Side note: The fact that this team was a #8 seed as much as I personally do not like them is a disservice to the tournament. They underachieved but never played like an 8 seed! That is a conversation for a later date.


How about the Dayton Flyers? You should call them 2014’s version of the bracket shredders.

They have a tough match up with Florida today, but Florida better bring their “A game” right at tip off. This team is also dangerous because nobody has picked them to go this far. Beating Ohio State and Syracuse was not an accident. This team makes you beat them straight up.

Sometimes “no fear” in this tournament is a huge intangible. All the pressure will be on Florida to reach the Final Four.



When you saw the ending of the Tennessee-Michigan game and how Michigan controlled the majority of the game until the final moments, did you have a Fab 5 flashback?



If you missed the highlights, check them out here (especially around the 6 minute mark).


Insane. And like me, I am sure many fans across the country yelled the same “expletive” when the referees in my opinion ruined the end of that crazy insane game by calling a charge when it really was a flop. This should have been a no call. That late in the game with a call that could determine a win vs a loss you let the players win the game. Apparently those referees are being blasted all over social media!

Officiating being blasted at end of Tennessee-Michigan game all over social media

This game is a perfect example of why so many love March Madness and the high that people get when a game goes to the final shot. Time and time again and this year is no exception. The NCAA Men’s basketball tournament one of the best playoff formats in professional and collegiate sports!!

You never know what to expect and that is why you play the game.




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