The Pennant Race has just now begun: Parra makes an impact.

Happy August Brewers fans!!

Writing this on a beautiful Saturday as we enter mid-August. One of the best perfect weather days of the summer where you wish you could bottle it up when we deal with a awful winter day 6 months from now.

It is now August. We have plus or minus 6 weeks left of the season.

The Brewers have been tied or in first now EVERY day since April 5th. And for all those who were ready to jump the ledge a few weeks ago, they as of Saturday August 9th have won 6 of their last 9 vs a Red Hot Rays team, and possible playoff NL teams the Cardinals, Giants, and Dodgers.

Further more, this man has already made an impact in two Brewers wins: A GW HR on Tuesday night and a crucial hit on Friday that rallied the Brewers to a huge win vs the Dodgers.


Sometimes the small move at the deadline are much more valuable to a team than the big name trade.

Also can I add during this stretch the  Brewers beat David Price and Adam Wainwright back to back?? An additional FACT: Saturday the 9th they also beat Zack Greinke as recent call up Mike Fiers out pitched him!

Let’s review July:

1) Jimmy Nelson B

Since coming up in the rotation right before the All-Star break, Jimmy Nelson has pitched ok baseball. I will eliminate his game back on July 12 vs St. Louis because I don’t think anyone could have pitched well on this team given the unfortunate news about Jean Segura’s son.

2-2 with a 4.20 ERA in 5 starts. Most of that is higher due to his first game. In his last game he pitched very well vs the Giants giving up 3 runs on 6 hits. On a team where pitching is good, all Nelson has to do is pitch quality starts.

2) Jean Segura C+

Segura still is struggling at the plate, however his glove and defense at short are so valuable to this team. I know he has dealt with much this season, however I think him being around great chemistry players is really helpful.

3) Trade Deadline A-

So the Brewers did not get Jon Lester and David Price. Talk was any trade the Brewers wanted to make the other team wanted Jimmy Nelson. NO WAY.

Sometimes the better trade is no trade at the deadline. Gerardo Parra was an under the radar trade that has immediately helped this team. A veteran gold glove outfielder than also has some pop in the bat and can work the count is what this team needs when the offense disappears. Also he is a left handed bat. Parra immediately makes the Brewers bench better!

Look at the Cardinals: Justin Masterson they traded for makes no sense to me. And by the fact he only pitched 2 innings on Friday night, proves my point. He got rocked. He had an over 5.00 ERA in Cleveland. I know the Cardinals are short on SP, but their main problem is offense that disappears more than the Brewers. This smelled like making a trade for the sake of a trade. My prediction is that it will backfire.

4) Platoons C

Hard to grade this more or less than a C. With Scooter Gennett nursing a quad injury, Rickie Weeks has been given more time. Also Reynolds and Overbay are still doing the platoon. Additionally Jonathon Lucroy gets an occasional day at first to keep his bat in the lineup.

5) Fans and Media D

As a Brewers fan I really get frustrated with the casual fans and the media that continues to ultra criticize this team after every loss. It is to the point that I don’t read message boards or listen to post game shows after a loss.

For the last time: All the sports experts thought that this Brewers team would at best finish 4th and in some cases finish last behind the Cubs. This team since April 5th has shown time and time again to be resilient. They have held onto first place the entire year. Even if they fall out or don’t make the playoffs, this has been a great season. I am happy they have taken me through this journey. Take the ride and have no regrets. This season is turning out to be more fun than 2011 cause the 2011 team had more talent and more national media backing them up as being great. This team has proven it belongs and because it was unexpected I have enjoyed this season even more.

Here are my trends for August to keep a look on:

1) Schedule

This month the Brewers have played the Cardinals, Giants, Dodgers. They will play the Blue Jays and Pirates the rest of the month. This is a good test for them and a preview of what to expect should the team make the playoffs. So far in the month, so good.

2) Wily Peralta: Future ACE

14 wins among the lead in the majors. What a season he is having and he will only get better. Love this guy! I said the Garza signing instantly will make him not try to overdue things like last year and I was right.

We might be talking 20 wins. He has a shot. Amazing! And his best game in my opinion: How he out pitched Adam Wainwright on August 1st with not his best stuff!


3) Waiver Claims

It is obvious that the late inning bullpen of the Brewers are scuffling right now. Will Smith and Zach Duke are not as effective as they once were.

The Brewers need to be looking and hopefully can get a reliable bullpen arm through waivers as a backup to bridge to K-Rod. Let’s hope they do that.

4) Injuries

The Brewers so far have not been hurt by the injury bug much like St. Louis and Pittsburgh. Let’s hope it stays that way. Losing Garza with the way he has been lights out early hurts. Let’s hope it is limited and Mike Fiers can hold the fort until Garza returns for the stretch run.

5) West Coast Woes

In the past the West coast has been a problem for the Brewers. Let’s hope it is not this year for the Road Warriors. 2 trips out west in about a 2 week span. Take it a day at a time.

Important Dates:

August 1-3 @ St. Louis Lost 2 out of 3

August 5-7 vs San Francisco Won 2 out of 3

August 8-10 vs Los Angeles (Won Friday)

August 15-17 @ Los Angeles

August 19-20 vs Toronto

August 22-24 vs Pittsburgh

August 29-31 @ San Francisco




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