What a start to the 2014 MLB playoffs


What a game!!! I know there are words that describe all sports after a great game: Instant Classic, Drama, and a story similar to a movie are just a few of them. However in this game all these words are deserved.

If you retired early Tuesday night, you missed one of the best playoff games in recent MLB memory. It was the Oakland A’s vs the Kansas City Royals.

As a MLB fan who loves this sport, it was like being a kid again reliving once again why you love this game. As a sports fan, you may not like to watch baseball cause you say it is too long and boring, but you had to appreciate both teams leaving it all on the field like that not knowing who was going to win the game.

And as someone who is not a sports fan, the best story was not what happened on the networks in prime time last night, it was this game. It was like watching a movie.

Here is all the story lines that transpired last night that I can think of off the top of my head:

Oakland Athletics:

Joining the Milwaukee Brewers for the biggest collapse of 2014. Theirs may be more devestating

Going for an “all in” approach at the trade deadline to try to make the World Series

Having an early exit for the 3rd time in three years

GM Billy Beane going from talk about being a genius in July to talk about he should be fired

Brandon Moss single handily trying to carry the A’s (2 HR, 5 RBI’s)

Adam Dunn’s first playoff game and he never enters it (He officially will retire today)


Kansas City Royals

First playoff game in 29 years

Billy Butler’s base running gaff that stopped the 1st rally

James Shields’ early exit for a pitcher who never pitched relief ball

Ned Yost’s over managing

Eric Hosmer’s coming out party to the entire nation (5 for 5 and nothing bigger than that triple in the 12th)

Record 7 steals in one game

Royals down 2-0, 7-3, and 8-7 in order to win the game

Salvador Perez going from the goat (0-5) to the hero (game winning walk-off) in 1 hit


And these may not fully be all of the story lines!! If these videos below are just a preview of what the 2014 playoffs will be, well time to buckle up and enjoy the ride!!

While the NFL is still the most popular sport in the country, their issues this season have been well documented and it continues to get worse. They better be careful. Cause baseball is quickly returning with their title as the National Pastime if games continue like this! Proof is in this recent article:

2014 7th best MLB attendance ever

Enjoy these highlights and articles.

Kansas City Star Game Report

CBS Sports.com Quick Hits




12th inning magic


Entire Condensed Game




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