Thoughts on Bears Black Monday



So it was done. Honestly it had to be and I am glad the ownership listened to its fanbase.

As a Bears fan who grew up in Wisconsin, this was one of the worst seasons I can remember ever following this team.

I went from feeling annoyed earlier in the year with the tweets the players had with the fans and the talk of fighting in the locker room after games.

I went to feeling upset seeing the same dumb idiotic issues over and over again along with the same lame responses from Trestman that the team “had a good practices”

(And let’s not forget Lamarr Houston tearing his ACL after celebrating a sack to New England’s backup QB down 28 points. I could tell then the players did not respect the coaches).

I went to feeling embarrassed after the Green Bay massacre on national Sunday night TV.

I went to laughing when the team showed another poor performance on national TV Thursday night against the Cowboys and some Cowboys fans actually thought they might have trouble winning that game. The team actually got an offside penalty punting on 4th down and got a PAT (Point after touchdown) blocked in that game.

And I went to not caring as I did not watch much of the Saints debacle this time on Monday National TV.

Lastly, I did not even care to watch one minute of the Lions game or the Vikings game to end the season. I can’t remember a time of that ever happening.

Today ownership did a step forward in saying that this season was beyond unacceptable. And hearing Virginia McCaskey being quoted as saying “she’s pissed off” made me clap at today’s press conference. Now the thing that worries me is can the owners and people in charge make the right GM and coaching hire that will begin to pick up the pieces of what is now a mess of a franchise.

Notice I did not say anything about Jay Cutler. Even if the Bears traded Cutler to someone and pay his salary to them would you want this guy on your team? NO!!

Unfortunately, Cutler is here to stay for another couple of seasons unless some team is really stupid enough to want him. This video says it all right here!!


Let’s hope the Bears get it right this time. This is the biggest and most important off season in recent memory.

P.S. How does Mel Tucker still have a job??!?

NBC Sports Article


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