Letter to the Brewers Owner


The following blog is if I had to write a letter to the Brewers owner about the state of the season as a fan:

Dear Mark Attanasio,

First of all thank you for being the Brewers owner the past 10 plus years. You have brought pride and excitement to what was at times a laughable franchise before you took ownership.

I realize that you are just as much a fan of baseball as you are owner and I appreciate that. You always want to do everything possible to put a winner on the field year in and year out. Unfortunately, it looks like this year will be one of those years where we have to chalk up to a bad season.

Right out of the get go, the Brewers played poorly. I know I am playing armchair quarterback but it looks like now it had nothing to do with the former manager Ron Roenicke. And this is where I kind of still am scratching my head about this. Why did you make this statement on April 23rd:

Brewers owner says jobs of manager Ron Roenicke, GM Doug Melvin are safe “right now”

Then after finally a winning streak on May 3rd, sign off on Doug Melvin making this move?

Last September’s collapse, horrible 2015 start spell end for Roenicke

Now I am not here to argue if the move was right or not. It was right. What I am here to argue about is the timing of the move.

Now Craig Counsell may be a good manager in the long run. However, what good is he doing with the same team Ron Roenicke had? If Roenicke could not get these players to produce on a consistent basis, what makes Counsell better? So far after this past week, it is the same issues and lackluster play. The players are the problem, not the manager.

I am afraid I think the reason why you hired Counsell this soon was partly due to your competitive spirit. You wanted to see if a new manager could make something of what is sure to be a disaster of a season. I would not have done it. Here is what I would have done:

Late May: Figure out what are you going to do about GM Doug Melvin. Either extend him or get another person in place. Everyday he is GM hurts us towards the June draft. If you make changes after, it takes longer for a new GM to develop a philosophy. That is unless Craig Counsell is secretly manager/GM already.

Late June/July: Fire Roenicke. If the decision was made not to bring him back in a lost season, you might as well use him since you are paying him this year. Most likely you are getting the same results now. Then you hire Craig Counsell.

July: 1) Trade everyone on the last year of their contract or with a friendly option year in 16: Ramirez (who should have retired 3 years ago). Lohse, Garza, Parra, Cotts, Broxton and even Lind. Trade them for any class prospect(s) you can get. About $50 of the 104 million will come off the books next year anyway.

After they go: 2) I hate to say this but if someone wants to trade the farm to you for Carlos Gomez or Jonathan Lucroy (when he gets healthy), you might have to do it. These two will get you the most prospects back.

3) If some team is dumb enough to inquire a trade for Ryan Braun, you don’t think twice and do it. I’d be shocked but never say never in this league.

Early August: Whoever you can’t get rid off in #1 and #3 you put on waivers. See if you can get anything for them.

August/September: Craig Counsell has a bunch of younger players hungry and looking to stay in the majors. This part of the year you can showcase everyone including AAA players to see what you have. Also Counsell is now able to place a mark on them rather than tip toe and not rub any player dynamics the wrong way now.

Again, I know it is playing arm chair quarterback, but in a lost season like this you have to see what you got in order to be better off in the long run.

Here is a writer that agrees with me:

New Manager, Same Problems

And here is a read on if Counsell was a good choice

Was Craig Counsell a good hire?

Again, I liked Craig Counsell as a player and I think he will do fine as a manager. I would have just waited since the season is a mess anyway right now, and you have a chance to trade away some of the players that have contributed to this mess.

I already have tickets to the Memorial Day game, so I will still support this team and am looking forward to what lies ahead in the coming years.


A fan through thick and thin,





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