The (Red Hot) Milwaukee Brewers Appreciation Thread

As much as I have criticized the Brewers this season, I have to say thank you!

Give the Brewers credit. With the bad start to the season, they are currently 17-6 in their last 23 games including a 8 game winning streak during that stretch. True they swept a bad Phillies and Reds team, but they also took 2/3 from the Mets and the Twins, while sweeping at the time a red hot Pirates team. The Mets, Twins, and Pirates are all fighting for playoff spots.


Credit goes to the veterans on the team. They could all be going through the motions and packing it in. Also with many trade rumors swirling about this team, they could be distracted. Kudos to them keeping focused on winning ball games and appearing to have a bit of fun as well.

Even more credit goes to Craig Counsell. I was a fan of the hiring but a critic of the timing of it as it seemed like a PR move to try to jump start a team that very early looked to be non-contenders.


Letter to Brewers Owner

I know the team is rebuilding and the next 10 days will be extremely important for the future of the franchise. However, with some of the young rotation players like Jimmy Nelson, Taylor Jungmann, & Tyler Cravy (when he has been called up), this might not be as long of a rebuild as we think.

Noticed I did not mention Mike Fiers. As much as I really like him as a Brewers player just like I do Jonathan Lucroy and Carlos Gomez, their names have been mentioned in trade rumors.


Brewers fans sound like they may be divided on if Gerardo Parra (who is one of the hottest hitters in baseball the month of July) should be kept or traded.


Here is the thing to keep in mind. The Brewers are not going anywhere this season. It makes baseball sense considering their record and the fact that around $50 million comes of the books after this season that they need to get as many young players and prospects as they can.

If someone wants Mike Fiers and you get younger in return, trade him. If someone wants to give you 2 players for Gerardo Parra, trade him (since he is a Free Agent you can always look to resign him later). If someone wants to give you the world for Carlos Gomez, Jean Segura, or Jonathan Lucroy, you trade them.

This is not the time as Brewers fans to be loyal or get emotional about any player on this 25 man roster. The short term future of the franchise depends on what this team does on the trade market in the next week to 10 days. So instead of worrying about it, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the winning ways of this team and take it day by day.

I thought this would be a long summer for this ball club. I thought my interest for Brewers baseball would be one of the lowest it has been in the last several years. However the exciting recent play along with playing armchair GM sifting through trade rumors has actually got me excited again for Brewers baseball.

Have you seen their schedule from July 30-August 19? They have one road trip and that is basically a home game in Chicago August 11-13.

Thu, Jul 30 8:10 PM Jungmann (5-1) Arrieta (11-5) 2,526 available
Fri, Jul 31 8:10 PM Garza (5-10) Richard (1-0) 2,058 available
Sat, Aug 1 7:10 PM Lohse (5-10) Hammel (5-4) 1,855 available
Sun, Aug 2 2:10 PM Fiers (5-7) Hendricks (4-4) 3,027 available
Mon, Aug 3 8:10 PM Nelson (7-9) Ross (6-7) 1,240 available
Tue, Aug 4 8:10 PM Jungmann (5-1) Cashner (3-10) 1,249 available
Wed, Aug 5 8:10 PM Garza (5-10) Kennedy (5-9) 1,498 available
Thu, Aug 6 2:10 PM Lohse (5-10) Despaigne (3-7) 1,288 available
Fri, Aug 7 8:10 PM 1,589 available
Sat, Aug 8 7:10 PM 3,600 available
Sun, Aug 9 2:10 PM 3,747 available
Tue, Aug 11 8:05 PM 5,223 available
Wed, Aug 12 8:05 PM 5,220 available
Thu, Aug 13 2:20 PM 3,515 available
Fri, Aug 14 8:10 PM 1,897 available
Sat, Aug 15 7:10 PM 4,148 available
Sun, Aug 16 2:10 PM 4,041 available
Mon, Aug 17 8:10 PM 1,271 available
Tue, Aug 18 8:10 PM 1,415 available
Wed, Aug 19 2:10 PM

Enjoy!! It is going to be a fun rest of the summer Brewers fans!


Here are a few great sites to keep up on the Brewers payroll and the latest trade rumors:

Cot’s Baseball Contracts

Milwaukee Brewers Payroll

Milwaukee Brewers MLB Trade Rumors

MLB Trade Rumors



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