Where is this team going?

This blog is not going to be anything positive about this Brewers team and franchise going forward.

I have kept up with this team and how it is doing from afar. It is very hard to watch knowing how they basically can only beat the Philadelphia Phillies who might be worse than they are. Here are some things that make be question what this franchise is doing going forward.


  • Doug Melvin stepping down was a no brainier. There is really no justification that he should have been retained. My problem is what the owner Mark Attanasio said regarding the hiring of the new GM. The fact that the new GM has to retain Craig Counsell is mind boggling. In a previous blog I wrote, Letter to the Brewers Owner, Melvin and Attanasio in my opinion made a huge error firing Roenicke in early May with the team going nowhere. I think he should have been kept around until All-Star Break before being released closer to the trade deadline. So far I have been unimpressed with Counsell through 3 months into the job. Even though I knew the losses should pile up, shouldn’t the team play fundamentally better? Should they not make the same dumb mental mistakes that cost them games time and time again? Minus the brief winning streak in early July, in some ways nothing has changed. To basically hold the next GM hostage with a manager (who may not share the same philosophy) before they interview for this job may not bring the best qualified person or veteran candidate to the interview table. It sets the GM up with a strike against them.

Criteria for new Brewers GM

Finally, the new General Manager needs to be on board with manager Craig Counsell, who is under contract for another two seasons following this one and has the full support of the owner – who stated that any prospective Brewers’ GM pushing their own managerial candidate would be doing so “at their own peril.”


  • Getting to my point of me starting to question if Counsell is the right man for the job is his latest decision today (August 19) regarding the rotation. Why on earth when Tyler Cravy is struggling would you move down to a four man rotation instead of bring another starter up to the rotation to see what they can do. Or how about put Thornburg to a spot start and see what he can do. The logic does not make sense. I could care less how many days you have coming off. You need to see what you have for next year!! To me this is idiotic!

UPDATE: Just heard Cravy may go to the 15 Day DL. And if they go forward with a 4 man rotation it even makes LESS sense!!!

Brewers to go with Four Man Rotation the rest of August

Now most likely the Brewers are in the beginning of a rebuilding process. However some of the things in the last week or two are making me a little concerned that ownership may botch this process.


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