Sunday Perspectives

I have not posted a blog in months but felt I needed to today.

It is strange how the world works and how a something makes you stop and put life in perspective.

I have worked pretty much every hour I was not sleeping this weekend. I am cranky, irritable, and tired as I write this.

This morning at the school nearby my place, I was awoken to the 5k run that they are hosting. There is a DJ outside, I can hear him loud and clear and all I want to do is go back to sleep and not get ready for work.

I finally wake up and read the news of Jose Fernandez’ unfortunate passing on my phone.

Suddenly, I feel guilty. Like my crankiness, irritability, and being tired does not matter anymore. Indeed it is strange how you feel several things in life and all it takes is one thing to put life back in perspective for you.

I also was surprise and upset to see someone who I have known for years have the audacity to make light of what happened. It makes me pause and revisit who I should share my energy with going forward. Too much negativity in the world to be associated with people who make light out of situations like this.

A promising career and you could argue the start of a Hall of Fame pitching career has now ended too soon. You can’t help but feel for the Marlins, their players, their employees, their fans, and all fans of baseball. One thing great about this sport is that when something unfortunate happens, everyone comes together like a family, and this won’t be any different.

Below is a video that I watched this morning which gives some insight on who the person Jose Fernandez was that some may not know. And it will make you understand why so many are struggling to cope with the news this morning. I want to warn you that it may cause some tears to flow.

Jose’s bond with his grandmother reminds me of the bond for this game I shared with my grandfather growing up. Most importantly it is a reminder that tomorrow is never promise to us and that we should live everyday of our lives to the fullest.



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