The start of another baseball season!

It’s been awhile since I did a blog. Sometimes other things in life took me away from doing this. Since my favorite sport officially started April 2nd, I thought the time would be perfect to start posting regularly again.

Baseball has always been about connections. The connection of your hometown. The connection of your youth and where you grew up. The connection of your favorite player growing up and your favorite player now. And the connection of a family member (in this case my grandfather) who while in heaven, I will never forget the bond we shared and how I grew to love the game just like seeing him on a summer evening with a game on the radio and a game on television.

Miller Park History

This picture is great. It shows my connection to why I love baseball. And the memories of the day I noticed my Grandfather spending his summers watching Cubs Home games in the afternoon on WGN, Brewers road games on Super 18/Fox 24, or Braves games on TBS at night. If the Brewers weren’t televised, he would have his transistor radio on WTMJ AM for a Brewers game with the TV on another game. Warm summer evenings watching the sun set on another day with the Brewers game by his side was his idea of relaxing.

One day my curious mind asked him what he was watching. He told me a little about the sport and I instantly became hooked. Heck we could clear a room of family with our long conversations about the sport. 🙂

Dodgers fans or not, we all have been connected to the game by Vin Scully for the last 67 years. It may have been a summer night in Southern California, a NBC Saturday Game of the Week, or The memorable calls of the 1986 and 1988 World Series.

Vin Scully connected us to baseball unlike any broadcaster. While I think we will really start to miss him now, here is a reminder of how great he his during Jackie Robinson day Saturday 4/15.


Hope everyone is having a good Passover and Easter weekend!



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