2017 Brewers Pennant Race


This catch on August 30th. One of the best catches to win a game this season.

Rebuilds are odd. Sometimes they can be hard on a team and its fan base and sometimes they can take you on a wild ride.

The latter is the case for the 2017 Milwaukee Brewers.

It is a strange baseball season we are experiencing this season. San Francisco Giants bullpen dumpster fire last year spread to the entire team, the St. Louis Cardinals want the title of most mediocre team in baseball like it is nobody’s business, and the Toronto Blue Jays have all that talent and never been able to show it yet on the W-L record.

And here we have Milwaukee. A team projected to be in year 2 of a rebuild but as of today, own the most days in first in the NL Central (60 days), keep having the Cubs cancel or change the time on their games, and sneak within a shot of not only possibly winning their division but also a Wild Card spot.

They also beat the best team in baseball (LA Dodgers) on their home field 2 out of 3 last weekend. It was their first series loss at the time since the first weekend in June.

This team was supposed to compete maybe 2019 at the earliest. And looking back to 2016, they did show glimpses that they could be where they are on September 1st, 2017 in the middle of a Pennant Race. Here is why:

The Cubs DO NOT want you to know this but, they actually lost the last 2 season series against the Brewers.



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