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Best NCAA Championship Game of All Time?

I don’t know long term, but right now I see points of those who argue it.

Every year when you might have any doubt that this tournament is the best playoff system in all of professional and collegiate sports, it gives you something you have never seen before:

Side note: Isn’t it just great that Bill Raftery calls the NCAA Final Four on TV? His reaction was genuine and priceless. ONIONS!!

As soon as I saw the last shot, all of could think of was this, which is the last time a NCAA Championship ended on a last second shot.

What will go down as one of the most chaotic tournaments perhaps ever, had as fitting ending as you will ever see in sports.

And somewhere in America, the piccolo girl’s tears of sadness last year was not in vain.



Piccolo Girl Story

Piccolo Girl Story 2

Notice the team Villanova lost to. It is moments like this which is the reason why we love sports!!